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Mold R&D center

All customers from domestic and overseas need high quality products and big demand. And now quality and techn

ology are company running life. By upgrading the product engineering and manufacturing, cutomers demands and new requirements can be achieved. At present, 80 mold makers in Shajiabang glass mould manufacturing base, only less than 10% of mold makers are large scale company, and development of these mould makers have been hamstrung by lack of financial support for research, and no continuous improvement to their product engineering and mould manufacturing. For company development and improvement, to establish mold R&D centre is essential for large scale glass mould makers. And with this system, a group of engineers with rich experience work on the research of mold material, mold design and product engineering.

In mold R&D centre, now equipped with 14 equipments, including automatic plasma spray welding machine, CNC machines, and total investment to the centre is 3.3 million(rmb). Area of the centre is 300 square meter. 15 engineers are working in the centere.

Mold R&D centre keeps to provide its good service to mould makers in Shajiabang glass mould manufacturing base, and develop mould design and reduce product cost for these mould makers, and make these mould makers stronger.

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  • ADD:Shajiabang Town East, Changshu, Jiangsu, China