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Mold testing center

To continuous improve product quality and guarantee the overall quality of glass mould industry of Shajiabang, Jinggong Mould has made a great efforts to build up a glass mould inspection center. With more than 30 inspectors working in the center, and advanced test and inspection equipments such as ARL optical emission spectrometer from Thermo Sweden, mould gauging machine from Sonicam, 3D digital height gauge, three coordinate measuring instrument have been introduced in order to ensure our product quality to meet advanced international levels.  This inspection center has been awarded as “a Public service platform of Glass Mould distinctive industrial base-Suzhou City”. By setting up and continuous improvement of this inspection center, it is fundamental significance to secure the development of Shajiabang glass mould industry and lift up the overall quality.

Jinggong Mould focus on every detail of the processes and persues perfect product quality, and this inspection center takes the process control from incoming inspection for raw material to monitoring for casting standard process, from production process and spot checking of manufacturing processes to issuing the final inspection reports. All of the jobs are being carried out by good skill inspectors and advanced test and inspection equipments, with precision inspection data.

To integrate the actual and practical manufacturing and easy accessible to the work of inspection, this glass mould inspection center has ABCD working areas, and total 1000 square metre of workspace area, total 33 of test and inspection equipments, and hundreds of gauges.

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