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On March 14th, a delegation from Kunshan Mold Industry Association, accompanied by Zhao Lanying, General Manager of Precision Tooling, visited industrial Internet factories such as the glass mold intelligent manufacturing workshop and intelligent casting workshop of Precision Tooling. In addition, we also visited the Shajiabang "glass mold innovation platform for inspection and visit.".

At the symposium, Zhao Lanying, General Manager of Changshu Precision Tooling Manufacturing Co., Ltd., extended a heartfelt welcome to the delegation led by Kunshan Mold Industry Association. He introduced in detail the achievements of precision tooling in recent years, and conducted exchanges and discussions with Kunshan Mold Industry Association. She hoped that through this study and investigation activity of Kunshan Mold Industry Association in Changshu, close and friendly exchanges, mutual exchange of experiences, and sharing resource advantages could be achieved, Promote common economic development between the two sides.

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