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The intelligent casting workshop of precision mold adopts the mode of "automatic innovation technology+green intelligent casting", applies intelligent equipment and comprehensive information system to build the first intelligent glass mold casting workshop in the glass mold industry. Energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction, clean and safe production in the casting production process are realized, and the production efficiency and quality of casting products are improved. Realize the integrated control of production, quality, equipment and cost; Comprehensively promote the improvement of the company's casting process technology and product upgrading, accelerate the optimization of casting process, and finally reduce the defective rate of glass mold castings by 30%, improve the casting production efficiency by 50%, reduce the casting cost by 20%, and achieve low emissions; Green casting production mode of material recycling; Create a new mode of green casting to help the factory develop intelligently and green. In this way, the whole process intelligent control of production management, quality management, energy management, safety management and emission control can be realized.

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