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"Specialization, refinement, and novelty" SMEs refer to those SMEs whose main business and development focus meet the national industrial policies and relevant requirements, focus on market segmentation, have strong technological innovation ability, high market share, master core technologies, develop rapidly, and have good comprehensive benefits. They are at the key link of the industrial chain supply chain, and have the characteristics of "specialization, refinement, characterization, and novelty". Seiko molds are deeply rooted in the research, development and production of glass mold market segments. In recent years, with the help of scientific and technological innovation by means of data, information and intelligence, advanced technologies and processes have been adopted to establish a fine and efficient management system and process in accordance with the concept of excellence, and fine products of glass molds have been designed and produced through fine management. At the same time, the process, technology and formula of intelligent casting are adopted to develop and cast various special alloy glass molds; It is developed and produced by means of independent innovation and joint innovation, and has more than 200 independent intellectual property rights. Seiko Mold will seize the opportunity of being recognized as a provincial specialized, special and new small and medium-sized enterprise, take innovation as the core competitiveness of the company, strengthen key technology research, continuously improve scientific research strength, build a sustainable competitiveness of the industrial chain, work hard, and help high-quality development through digital and intelligent transformation.

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